oh right, i started a website right before i went into summer mode

My summers are spent working at a little cabin style inn on the coast of Maine, and we just opened for the season…. so to say that my life is the midst of a little bit of re-organization and upheval while I try to get myself set up for the summer months is a slight understatement.

I spend a lot of the summer months on the road… Finding a stable summer living situation in the area that I work is challenging, so I end up staying with friends who are a 90 minute commute most of the time. It’s not ideal, but I like my job enough to put up with the annoyance. It’s a bit tougher this year though… Gas is expensive!

One of the things that I’m already noticing about this endeavor to re-start a web precense for myself is that in deciding to go with static technology to build it, it’s locked me into using my laptop to post anything.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it means that it slows me down and I’m much more intentional with what I want to share here because I don’t have the capacity to just whip out my phone and post whenever I want to.

But being on the road so much… I don’t always take my laptop out every day, and given that this is a relatively new project in my life… I kinda just forgot that I was embarking on it the past week or so.

It really draws into focus how much my habits have changed around my screen usage, too. Over the past six years, especially. I’m so much more reliant on my phone as my primary connection to the Internet now than I was in years past.

I still feel like I’m not entirely sure how I want to use this space, and like I’m more just trying to force myself to share the things that I’m thinking about in regards to it… but if it’s meant to be, it will eventually get there, I figure.